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Tactics 11-28-17

Younger conservatives are less likely to defend Roy Moore.  A new survey gives a breakdown on what Americans consider sexual harrasment.  Nancy Pelosi...View Details

Tactics 11-27-17

A Black Friday brawl shuts down a Birmingham mall 40 minutes before closing.  A New York Times opinion piece tries to make the case all Christians mus...View Details

Tactics 11-22-17

We go over the little known history and meaning of Thanksgiving.  I give you my take on the latest Roy Moore news including President Trump's reaction...View Details

Tactics 11-10-17

The Washington Post alleges Judge Roy Moore sexually assaulted a 14-year-old girl in 1979.  Laura Glidewell who worked alongside Judge Moore joins us ...View Details

Tactics 11-9-17

Josh Moon now claims Roy Moore is not the conservative warrior he seems to be.  Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas does a rare TV interview and tal...View Details

Tactics 11-8-17

Stephen Willieford, the hero who stopped the Texas church shooter, does an interview with Stephen Crowder.  We tackle two of the big lies about gun co...View Details

Tactics 11-7-17

We learn more details about the Texas church shooting and the hero that stopped it.  Liberals in Washington and Hollywood mock prayer in the wake of t...View Details

Tactics 11-6-17

A tragic shooting in a small Baptist church in Southerland, Texas leaves 26 dead and 20 injured.  Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is assaulted and seriousl...View Details

Tactics 11-3-17

The House GOP reveals their tax plan.  New details on the New York truck terrorist emerge.  Stories of good people doing the right thing in spite of a...View Details

Tactics 11-2-17

Both sides start taking political shots in the wake of the New York terror attack.  Do the rich and corporations pay enough in taxes?  And Joe Hunk jo...View Details

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