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Tactics 8-28-18

Former Alabama Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard appeals his 12 felony ethics convictions and the judges uphold 11 of them.  Several Alabama school di...View Details

Tactics 8-24-18

In a Fox & Friends interview, President Trump viciously attacks his own Attorney General, Jeff Sessions.  Senator Elizabeth Warren is asked about ...View Details

Tactics 8-23-18

Democrat Senators, including Alabama's Doug Jones, advocate halting the confirmation hearings of Judge Bret Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court in light of...View Details

Tactics 8-22-18

A study finds Alabama is one of the top five sexist states in the nation.  President Trump tweets about the fate of his former campaign advisor Paul M...View Details

Tactics 8-21-18

Attorney General Sessions says to the Alliance Defending Freedom that the Southern Poverty Law Center was wrong for calling them a "hate group."  The ...View Details

Tactics 8-20-18

Booker T. Washington magnet school in Montgomery burns down.  Alabama will soon have the only Buc-ees in the nation that isn't in Texas.  Al Sharpton ...View Details

Tactics 8-17-18

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says "America was never that great," but his reasons for saying so don't make sense.  Senator Bernie Sanders says Ameri...View Details

Tactics 8-16-18

Chelsea Clinton claims that abortion is a good thing because women contributed $3.5 trillion to the economy and then does nothing to back up that clai...View Details

Tactics 8-15-18

A heckler throws both objects and insults at Alabama Senator Doug Jones at a town hall over the Judge Kavanaugh vote.  Chris Cuomo of CNN actually def...View Details

Tactics 8-14-18

While the media obsesses over the Nazis marching at rallies, I prefer to focus on one Nazi that traded in his swastika for a cross and now attends a p...View Details

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