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Ep. 27- Faith Under Fire

China is cracking down on Christianity and all faiths. Trump is tweeting about his desires for healthcare.

Ep. 26 Lies and Deception

A Federal Judge strikes down Obamacare. The Washington Post runs a misleading story about a 7-year-old dying in Border Patrol custody. And Canadian co...View Details

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall announces his office will handle the Galleria Mall Shooting investigation. China announces a temporary easing ...View Details

Ep. 24- State of Delusion

Alabama Senator Doug Jones asserts the allegations against Roy Moore didn't help him win the election. Judge sides with Christians in Obamacare case. ...View Details

An Alabama girl hangs herself and the mother says racial discrimination may have played a role. President Trump gets into a heated public discussion w...View Details

Ep. 22 Dark Omens

The Supreme Court turns down a case pertaining to Planned Parenthood with Justices Kavanaugh and Roberts siding with the liberal justices. A Montgomer...View Details

Protests grow more heated over the Galleria shooting in Birmingham. George W. Bush delivers a siring eulogy for his dad. The Huffington Post goes afte...View Details

An Alabama girl at Harvard is told to move out over her legally owned guns. Jeff Sessions hints at not running for his old Senate seat in 2020.

Ep. 19- Second and First

A new study reveals mass shootings are rarer in America than most nations. Michael Avanatti announces he will not run for president. Facebook once aga...View Details

Ep. 18- Missing Facts

ALEA announces they will not be releasing security footage of the police officer's altercation with EJ Bradford. France erupts in protests and the res...View Details

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