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It's our Festivas Special featuring Laura Clark, which as always, begins with the Airing of Grievances!  Laura and Caleb give their top 5 favorite Chr...View Details

Alabama Celebrates it's 200th year of statehood. Hallmark Channel goes gay, and then doesn't, and then does again.

Ep. 170- False Change

Becky Gerritson of Eagle Forum Alabama joins the program to discuss how new math standards passed by the Alabama Board of Education are really just mo...View Details

Ep. 169- Walking Tall

Sheriff Nick Smith receives a "warning" letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation asking him not to request prayers from the people in the comm...View Details

Ep. 168- Two Articles's John Archibald and Kyle Whitmire decry Alabama as being anti-science and anti-progress. When the Pensecola Navy Base shooting offers no usefu...View Details

Ep. 167- Hometown Hero

A Navy base in Pensecola is attacked by Saudi terrorists and an Alabama man heroically saves lives in the chaos. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is offende...View Details

A Catholic minister is fired for saying kids shouldn't go to gay pride parades. The CEO of Hallmark says he'd be open to doing a gay Hallmark movie. A...View Details

Ep. 165- Exit Stage Left

Alabama Sec. of State John Merrill exits the Alabama Senate race. Roy Moore puts out a new political ad. "Now This" puts out a video of Rep. Katie Por...View Details

Ep. 164- On To Victory

Auburn wins the Iron Bowl with a narrow 48-45 victory, but the Tigers lose legendary Heisman winner Pat Sullivan as he passes away the next morning.  ...View Details

Caleb reads Calvin Coolidge's 1924 Thanksgiving Day Proclamation. JC Penny's opens at 2 PM on Thanksgiving Day. A home invader gets beaten up by an 82...View Details

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