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Auburn Basketball Head Coach Bruce Pearl talks about Holocaust Remembrance Day and talks about the religious liberty we have in Alabama and America in...View Details

Rep. Mike Rogers of Alabama claims Donald Trump is the most pro-life president in history. CNN's Don Lemon and crew laugh about how all Trump voters a...View Details

The Left, especially those in the media, seem upset the Virginia pro-gun rally wasn't more violent as they predicted. AOC equates the Second Amendment...View Details

Two more candidates from the Wetumpka TEA Party's candidate forum do an interview with Caleb: Alabama Public Service Commission Presidential Candidat...View Details

Ep. 179- Open Forum

Caleb hosts a series of live impromptu rapid-fire interviews with various political candidates at the Wetumpka TEA Party Candidates' Forum. Interview...View Details

A Kentucky student is expelled from her private Christian school for posting pictures of her "gay birthday cake" on social media.

Alabama State Rep. Chris Pringle pre-files a bill for student athletes to compete based on the gender on their birth certificate.  CNN settles with Co...View Details

Ep. 176- The Aftermath

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey's doctor say he considers the Governor cured of lung cancer.  President Trump addresses the nation after the Iranian missile...View Details

Iranian missiles strike American Military Bases in retaliation to the killing of Gen. Soleimani. An Atheist organization ranks Alabama worst out of th...View Details

Michael Bloomberg comes to Montgomery and says even though the shooter at the West Freeway Church was stopped by an armed citizen, he still doesn't wa...View Details

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