Archive for March 2016

Heal Our Land

This Week: Governor Bentley and his inappropriate relationship with a member of his senior staff, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump's wives being thrown int...View Details

This week: Rubio's departure and how it affects the GOP race, Obama nominates judge Merrick Garland for Scalia's vacant SCOTUS seat, and the Kentucky ...View Details

Bonus Episode- Trump Card

In this special Bonus Episode, I fill in as the host of the Capitol Buzz for a couple segments to talk about free speech in regards to Donald Trump an...View Details


This Week: Attorney General Loretta Lynch discusses prosecuting climate change deniers, tensions rising between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, Sa...View Details

Voter Burnout

This Week: Super Tuesday comes to Alabama and breaks records, results of the Alabama GOP primaries, and the Fox News Republican debate and the path fo...View Details

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