Archive for April 2016

A Clear Contrast

This Week: With the Indiana primary looming and the presidential primaries winding down, we'll be devoting most of the show to the presidential race...View Details

Back to Basics

This Week: Harriet Tubman replaces Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill, Donald Trump re-organizing his campaign, and Cruz on Planned Parenthood. Star-Sp...View Details

This Week: 16 State Attorneys General opening inquiries on climate change deniers, the presidential race heats up in the democrat debate, and Trump's...View Details

Fighting for Life

This Week: Department of Homeland security figures showing mass immigration from majority Muslim nations, fallout from the Wisconsin primary, religi...View Details

Lamestream Media

This Week: California's $15 minimum wage hike, Taliban bombings in Lahore target Christians celebrating Easter, Trump's campaign manager charged wit...View Details

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