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Today's Show: Vote delayed on healthcare replacement yet again; Leftists calling for censorship of free speech after the Ann Coulter speech protests a...View Details

Today's Show: Alabama Chief Justice Roy More announces he'll be running for the U.S. Senate; Tara Herring, mother of the teenage girl expelled from Pr...View Details

Today's Show: French elections and North Korean threats make for an uncertain world; allegations of sexual harassment are being lobbed against Fox New...View Details

Today's Show: A girl get's suspended for a whole year from Prattville High School because she had a water gun on campus; Maxine Waters complains about...View Details

Today's Show: Bill O'Reilly is fired from Fox News; Chief Justice Roy Moore's suspension upheald by the Alabama Supreme Court; and the Associated Pres...View Details

Today's Show: White Nationalist and Alt-Right icon Richard Spencer comes to speak at Auburn University and chaos ensues; Alabama's Senate passes two n...View Details

Today's Show: The Supreme Court halts Arkansas from executing prisioners slated for letal injections at the last second; The Ohio "Facebook" murderer ...View Details

Today's Show: Street brawls between pro-Trump and anti-Trump protestors end in 21 arrests and 11 injured in Berkeley, California; some on the left sti...View Details

Today's Show: The US Air Force drops the largest non-nuclear bomb in our arsenal on ISIS tunnels in Afghanistan; Trump flip-flops on six different iss...View Details

Today's Show: New intel proves Syria did use chemical weapons on their own people and Russia was probably involved; Sean Spicer claims Assad was worse...View Details

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