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Tactics 8-31-17

Hurricane Harvey causes death and destruction but also stories of hope; people are already politicizing the hurricane; two Mobile restaurants have som...View Details

Tactics 8-30-17

Today's Show: Officer Steve Perez of the Houston Police Department dies in the line of duty; Scott Trible joins us to talk about the Montgomery Biscui...View Details

Tactics 8-29-17

Today's Show: Hurricane Harvey brings people together as some in the media try to drive people apart; Judge Roy Moore is endorsed by Trump's former ch...View Details

Tactics 8-25-17

Today's Show: UN issues a warning about the racial tensions in the U.S.; What do you believe and why? We ask Benjamin Franklin; Ben Shapiro goes on CN...View Details

Tactics 8-24-17

Today's Show: Trey Glenn becomes head of the EPA's Southeastern division and has an interesting piece on him; Antifa protestor takes a hit for ...View Details

Tactics 8-23-17

Today's Show: Biscuit General Manager Scott Trible joins me to discuss the Montgomery Biscuits wild card chase, Donald Trump hosts a campaign rally in...View Details

Tactics 8-22-17

Today's Show: Alt-right leader has an emotional breakdown on You Tube; the debate rages over the confederate statues but what is the best way to have ...View Details

Tactics 8-21-17

Today's Show: Auburn High School is at the center of a controversy over a gay pride flag; a Boston free speech rally gets misconstrued as a Neo-Nazi r...View Details

Tactics 8-18-17

Today's Show: We take an inside look at the Alt-Right protestors that gathered in Charlottesville; Steve Bannon leaking to the media against President...View Details

Tactics 8-17-17

Today's Show: Is it worth tearing the nation apart over arguing about the memorials and the protests? Chaplin's Report: Genesis 3:8-12

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