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Tactics 10-26-17

Hillary Clinton's campaign and the DNC are revealed to be the source of the Trump dossier.  A group of gay people form a gun club.  An Oakland Athleti...View Details

Tactics 10-25-17

Red Book claims children wearing certain costumes is racist.  CNN comes out with an ad claiming they are the "facts first" network.  Ted Cruz endorsed...View Details

Tactics 10-24-17

A new FBI report shows Russia trying to get influence in Hillary Clinton's State Department. 

Tactics 10-11-17

Attorney General Jeff Sessions issues a statement on religious liberty.  A new survey says gun ownership is a great gauge to predict how people will v...View Details

Tactics 10-9-17

A gay coffee shop owner kicks Christians out of his shop.  An Antifa group plans more law breaking and anarchy for Columbus Day.  Law enforcement rele...View Details

Tactics 10-6-17

Hillary Clinton and Chuck Todd talk about gun control and why people oppose it.  A new Pew research study shows partisanship is on the rise in America...View Details

Tactics 10-5-17

I debunk four big gun lies that are circulating right now.  Should we outlaw bump fire stocks and will it be effective?  Sports Radio 740's Joe Hunk j...View Details

Tactics 10-4-17

A shooting in Las Vegas leaves 59 dead and over 500 wounded.  As expected, many are using the shooting as political ammo to pass gun control. Chaplin'...View Details

Tactics 9-29-17

Chuck Todd goes after Roy Moore on the constitution and makes himself look stupid in the process.  Illinois passes a new bill to fund abortions with f...View Details

Tactics 9-28-17

The GOP proposes their plan for tax reform.  Michelle Obama comes out attacking any women that didn't vote for Hillary Clinton.  Tim Allen comes forwa...View Details

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