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Tactics 12-21-17

The White House puts out a card that says Merry Christmas and the internet goes crazy.  A New York woman charges her boyfriend for killing her child w...View Details

Tactics 12-20-17

A tale of two Trump's as we break down possible good and bad decisions Trump could make to set up how well he does 2018.  I breakdown Trump's national...View Details

Tactics 12-18-17

A church bombing in Pakistan kills 9 and injures 57 more.  What is in the Senate GOP's new tax bill?  The New York Times releases a new report on Vene...View Details

Tactics 12-15-17

One of the people working on the Trump investigation is ousted based on anti-Trump texts.  Net Neutrality is repealed by the FCC.  Lea Labastida, a fu...View Details

Tactics 12-14-17

The national media spends the day trying to makes sense of the Doug Jones victory.  Jimmy Kimmel tries his hand at being a political commentator again...View Details

Tactics 12-13-17

Doug Jones defeats Judge Roy Moore in Alabama's special election for the U.S. Senate.  Steve Crowder asks some questions of Amazon's Alexa and finds s...View Details

Tactics 12-1-17

Jim Nabors, Alabama native and Gomer Pyle actor, dies at 87.  Gen. Michael Flynn is charged with lying to the FBI.  Why are some Republicans now sugge...View Details

Tactics 11-29-17

Matt Lauer fired from the Today show.  CNN hosts a live debate between Senators on tax reform.  Project Veritas caught doing a sting on The Washington...View Details

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