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Tactics 3-30-18

New information emerges that completely changes what we thought we knew about the Pulse Night Club shooting in Orlando.  A survey from The Washington ...View Details

Tactics 3-29-18

Does the Stormy Daniels story matter?  U.S. House candidate for District 2, Tommy Amason joins me to discuss his campaign.  Facebook comes under fire ...View Details

Tactics 3-28-18

Emma Gonzolez admits to bullying the Parkland shooter at school.  Cameron Kasky blames guns, not the shooter, for school shootings.  A Planned Parenth...View Details

Tactics 3-27-18

The Wetumpka TEA Party host a Second Amendment forum where Alice Martin explains that Alabama is not reporting all it's violent crimes properly.  A fo...View Details

Tactics 3-26-18

Protestors converge on DC for the March for Our Lives event in an effort to push gun control.  "TEA Party Becky" Gerritson calls in to discuss the Wet...View Details

Tactics 3-23-18

Congress passes a $1.3 trillion Omnibus spending bill.  President Trump's National Security Advisor H.R. Mcmaster leaves and will be replaced by forme...View Details

Tactics 3-22-18

The University of Alabama expels a student for making racist statements.  Alabama Sheriff are under scrutiny after some are legally taking state money...View Details

Tactics 3-21-18

FBI and ATF finally finds the bomber responsible for 5 bombings in Austin, Texas.  A Mobile City Councilman proposes a law that would prosecute gun ow...View Details

Tactics 3-20-18

Hillary Clinton "apologizes" for her disparaging comments about rural America and married women.  The Women's March is starting to lose support over t...View Details

Tactics 3-19-18

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe fired by the Attorney General and the left is crying foul.  An opinion piece by The Root claims White people only bu...View Details

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