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Tactics 5-31-18

The press and the left freak out over the fed "losing" 1,475 illegal immigrant kids, but they don't tell the whole story and keep getting their facts ...View Details

Tactics 5-30-18

Montgomery native Alveda King writes an open letter to Starbucks making the case that if they were really serious about distancing themselves from rac...View Details

Tactics 5-29-18

Ireland votes to repeal their 8th Amendment, opening the door to make abortion legal there.  A judge in the UK believes the problem with increasing kn...View Details

Tactics 5-25-18

A shooting at a restaurant in Oklahoma City is stopped by an armed citizen.  The left starts to show it's hand that it wants to ban all guns.  Caleb p...View Details

Tactics 5-24-18

Former National Security Director for Obama James Clapper claims the Russians swung the election for Trump and there was no spy in the Trump campaign....View Details

Tactics 5-23-18

Alabama Representative Mo Brooks announces he is suing the Census Bureau and the Department of Commerce for counting non-citizens as residence to dete...View Details

Tactics 5-22-18

Donald Trump announces plans to implement some Reagan-era regulations that would prevent clinics like Planned Parenthood that offer abortions from rec...View Details

Tactics 5-21-18

A mass shooting at a high school in Santa Fe, Texas leaves 8 students and 2 teachers dead.  Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall sits down with Cal...View Details

Tactics 5-18-18

Alabama Representative Mo Brooks questions a global warming scientist's theory on rising ocean levels during a congressional hearing.  A Montgomery st...View Details

Tactics 5-17-18

Donald Trump Jr. testifies on his meeting with a Russian lawyer with ties to the Kremlin.  New details surface on the origins of the Trump-Russia inve...View Details

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