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Tactics 7-13-18

The Montgomery Biscuits make national news over the social media backlash for their "Millennial Night" tweet.  Will Dismukes runs to represent Distric...View Details

Tactics 7-12-18

President Trump makes waves at the NATO breakfast by pointing out Germany, among others, is not paying its fair share while simultaneously sending bil...View Details

Tactics 7-11-18

Alabama Attorney General Candidate lobs baseless claims against his opponent Steve Marshall and files an ethics complaint that falls on its face.  Oth...View Details

Tactics 7-10-18

President Trump nominates Brett Kavanaugh the the Supreme Court.  Caleb gives his analysis of the kind of justice he will be if confirmed.  Alabama Su...View Details

Tactics 7-9-18

A 51-year-old Air Force vet murders his wife and daughter in Wetumpka, Alabama.  A 16-year-old girl in Birmingham is murdered by a drive-by shooting. ...View Details

Tactics 7-6-18

Facebook censors a local Texas newspaper for posting the Declaration of Independence as "hate speech."  The left shows it's utter ignorance of the his...View Details

As a part of summer series focusing on peace, the Midway Church of Christ invites Caleb to speak on the topic of guilt and how it can wreak havoc on a...View Details

Tactics 7-2-18

Protests in Huntsville get out of hand when a man brandishes a gun at protestors.  The political rhetoric heats up and causes issues nation-wide.  New...View Details

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