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Tactics 9-24-18

An Alabama mom saves a down-syndrome baby from abortion and agrees to adopt her as her own.  Two new allegations of sexual assault surface against Jud...View Details

Tactics 9-21-18

Secretary of State John Merrill has a lawsuit filed against him for blocking people on Twitter.  Democrats continue their crusade against Brett Kavana...View Details

Tactics 9-20-18

The battle of Brett Kavanaugh continues as Alabama Senator Doug Jones calls for a subpoena on Mark Judge (Kavanaugh's friend that was allegedly there)...View Details

Tactics 9-19-18

In a radio interview, Governor hopeful Walt Maddox reveals that he opposes a bill aimed at clarifying Alabama's constitution does not state people hav...View Details

Tactics 9-18-18

Democratic Governor Candidate Walt Maddox goes toe-to-toe with News Talk 99.5's Matt Murphy, and it doesn't go so well for him.  Supreme Court nominee...View Details

Tactics 9-17-18

Happy Constitution Day!  Caleb celebrates our constitution turning 231 with a series special.  Senator Doug Jones of Alabama goes on CNN to be intervi...View Details

Tactics 9-14-18

A mobile app developed in Alabama helps local business and customers donate to chrarity using regular, every-day purchases.  Senator Dianne Feinstein ...View Details

Tactics 9-13-18

Alabama Retired State Employee Association hosts a forum for candidates running in the upcoming election.  Democrat Governor candidate Walt Maddox app...View Details

Tactics 9-12-18

During the ASU/Auburn game last weekend, two banners hung on the front of Auburn fraternities taking jeers at ASU drew a lot of heat online and even s...View Details

Tactics 9-11-18

In honor of the anniversary of 9/11, Caleb recounts where he was that day in 2001 and asks callers to do the same. Mallory Hagan (D) runs to represent...View Details

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