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Steve Philips gives the background of the classic hymn "Restore My Soul" and the lessons it teaches at the Dalraida Church of Christ, Men's Retreat.

At Dalraida Church of Christ's Men's Retreat, Will Tucker discusses the importance of praise and worship to the Lord's Church.

We live in a dying world and most souls are going to be lost.  Melvin Otey explains at the Dalraida Church of Christ's Men's Retreat that like the Tit...View Details

God intends His church to spread His word through teaching.  At Dalraida Church of Christ's Men's Retreat, Terry Edwards gives a lesson in how educati...View Details

As Christians, we are commanded to life our brothers and sisters up spiritually.  Doug Smith gives some insight into how the Bible advises us in accom...View Details

Will we be ready when the Lord calls us into battle?  At Dalraida Church of Christ's Men's Retreat, Billy Camp discusses how we can prepare ourselves ...View Details

Ep. 39 Here Comes Big Mo

Alabama Representative Mo Brooks takes it to democrats on the floor of the house. He also talks about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in a radio interview. J...View Details

Ep. 38- Priorities

Alabama's elected representatives disagree on what to do this session. Is the border debate shifting? Christian artists face possible jail time for re...View Details

Donald Trump addresses the nation about border security and the democrats offer a response. CNN points out that the president is triggering witches wh...View Details

Ep. 36- Fake Out

Clemson defeats Alabama in the national championship game. The New York Times unearths a second democrat operation to mislead voters about Roy Moore. ...View Details

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