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Science is a very good thing, but it has a proper place in our lives.

Governor Ivey announces new "Safer At Home" Orders that are pretty much the same as the old ones. Conservative Review's Daniel Horowitz ask where this...View Details

Will Governor Ivey end the shut down in Alabama? The Wallstreet Journal publishes a new study showing that shutdowns might not even work. UAB announce...View Details

Will Tucker, Youth Minister at the Dalraida Church of Christ, discusses his congregation sending vital PPEs to hospitals in New York City.

Which government official ordered the road closed to try to stop the protest in front of the Capitol building?

Caleb goes over his observations from the Get Back to Work Alabama rally he attended earlier today.

Footage from Caleb's live coverage of Stand Up Alabama's car rally from the capitol steps.

The Alabama Dept. of Public Health finds out some of it's reported Wuhan Flu cased might be wrong. Becky Gerritson of Eagle Forum Alabama calls in to ...View Details

EP. 224- Heroes of Corona

A Birmingham barber shop opens up, defying Alabama's order to close "non-essential" businesses. The MPD encourages average citizens to tattle on their...View Details

On day 30 of the quarantine, Caleb asks how much longer the American people can hold on.

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