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CNN tries to shame Alabama citizens for not "properly" social distancing or wearing masks on Memorial Day weekend. Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed is all...View Details

Sometimes we seek "freedom" from the constraints of God's law only to find it was there for our protection, not our oppression.

Governor Ivey enthusiastically signs Alabama up for Google and Apple's new Coronavirus tracing software. Alan Jackson hosts 2 Drive-in concerts in Ala...View Details

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey slightly relaxes the "Stay-At-Home" orders for a second time. ABC 33/40 Birmingham gives us all a lesson in subtle media bia...View Details

Is the Montgomery area the new Coronavirus hot spot? How has the shutdowns affected our church lives?

A Michigan barber becomes public enemy #1 in Michigan for cutting hair. Twitter blows up over Speaker Nancy Pelosi called president Trump "morbidly ob...View Details

Alabama's Dr. Scott Harris says Alabama's Coronovirus numbers are going in the wrong direction, but is that true? U.S. Senate candidate Jeff Sessions ...View Details

New data from the New York Times confirms that people act independently of government orders. Alabama congressional candidate donates her kidney to a ...View Details

Ep. 240- Afraid of Words

The Coronavirus projections suggests the worst is behind us in Alabama. A new Auburn professor publicly declares he will not say "War Eagle" because h...View Details

The Senate wants to spend money earmarked for Coronavirus relief on a new Sate House, and Caleb finds himself siding with Gov. Ivey and Kyle Whitmire....View Details

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