Archive for December 2020

Caleb welcomes Laura and Matt Clark into the studio as they discuss the true meaning of Festivus and begin the Airing of Grievances.  Caleb and Laura ...View Details

Happy Bill of Rights Day!  Caleb explains the reason we have the first 10 Amendments and why they were passed on this day.  Two new allegations of ele...View Details

Caleb gives an update on the Alabama Coronavirus numbers.  Gov. Kay Ivey extends the mask mandate for the state of Alabama.  Mo Brooks, U.S. House Rep...View Details

Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama's 5th District, vows to challenge the results of the presidential election.  AL State Auditor Jim Ziegler Says the new Mobil...View Details

Caleb gives a coronavirus update as cases rise.'s Kyle Whitmire is calling for shutdowns...again.  Joe Hunk, host of The Zone on Huntsville's ...View Details

The Supreme Court rules against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's draconian measures forbidding religious institutions from worshiping under the guise ...View Details

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