For Thanksgiving 2021, Caleb reads the 1956 Thanksgiving Day proclamation originally issued by President Dwight D. Eisenhower.  Tragedy hits the south when Sister Schubert announces that their signature Sausage Wrap Rolls have been discontinued just before the holidays.  Reese's announces they'll be releasing a giant Reese's cup just in time for Thanksgiving.  A study in Iowa finds coronavirus in white tail deer.  In a new Breaking The Internet, Caleb goes over a meme claiming democrats cut child poverty in half, created 5.3 million jobs, oversaw the most successful vaccine rollout in history, invested $1.2 trillion in infrastructure, and Trump gave $2 trillion to the rich. Caleb reveals what was the stupidest moment in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. CNN writer Julia Horowitz writes an article praising Biden for lower gas prices 9 days after writing an article saying the president can't affect gas prices. 


Chaplin's Report: I Chronicles 29:10-19




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