This Independence Day, Caleb takes an in depth look at the lies told about our nation's founding and sets the record straight. A viral meme suggests e...View Details

Leftism is not merely a rival political ideology, but a rival religion to Christianity.

The Montgomery Biscuits announce they will have no 2020 season due to coronavirus. The Alabama Department of Archives and History puts out a statement...View Details

Mississippi' congress votes to change it's state flag, removing the confederate emblem from it. Faulkner University President Mike Williams joins the ...View Details

Ep. 264- Easily Duped

Caleb gives this week's Alabama Coronavirus update. University of Alabama's football team puts out an official video voicing their support of Black Li...View Details

Sometimes it's very easy to find yourself draw into one error because of your extra dislike for another, but Christians must avoid both.

The FBI finds that the noose in NASCAR driver Bubba Watts's stall in Talledega was put there long before Watts was even assigned the stall. State Rep....View Details

Mayor Steven Reed's mandatory masks ordinance fails in the city council and decides to just do it anyway. Black Lives Matter is painted on the city's ...View Details

Caleb gives his weekly Coronavirus update for Alabama. Matt Clark of the Foundation for Moral Law comes on the show to discuss the SCOTUS decision tha...View Details

Ep. 259- A Sea of Chaos

The City of Birmingham drops the charges of inciting a riot it levied against Jermaine "FunnyMaine" Johnson. Aunt Jemima syrup and Uncle Ben rice deci...View Details

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