Archive for January 2016

Developing Stories

This Week: One man killed and ten taken into custody in the Oregon wildlife refuge protest incident, a Texas grand jury decides to go after the journa...View Details

Looking Deeper

This Week: Trump trying to appeal to evangelicals at Liberty University, a German refugee activist and worker quits her job because of the condition...View Details

State of Delusion 2016

This Week: President Obama in his "last" State of the Union, a new gay school in the works in Atlanta, and our take on the GOP debate and the race f...View Details

This Week: Oregon protesters and the mostly untold story that started it all, update on the Christian bakery that refused to bake a cake for a lesb...View Details

Auld Lang Syne

This Week: San Bernardino shooter's friend charged with breaking gun laws with rifles used in the attack, NSA caught spying on Prime Minister of Israe...View Details

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