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Tactics 6-30-17

Today's Show: We discuss the founding of our nation in honor of Independence Day with audio from Paul Harvey and a look at how the Declaration of Inde...View Details

Tactics 6-29-17

Today's Show: Matt Clark of the Foundation for Moral Law joins me as we discuss some of the big Supreme Court news from this week: a case on a Christi...View Details

Tactics 6-28-17

Today's Show: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell delays the vote on healthcare; the EU goes after Google with a $2.7 Billion fine; and CNN gets in...View Details

Tactics 6-27-17

Today's Show: New studies into the minimum wage show the effect of mandatory government pay raises on both workers and businesses; We take a look at S...View Details

Tactics 6-26-17

Today's Show: A high-profile rape case throws Alabama's sexual assault laws into the national sphere and Rand Paul has some tough words to the Senate ...View Details

Tactics 6-23-17

Today's Show: The Senate GOP finally reveals their version of the Obamacare replacement bill; teenage feminist host a protest in Montana by going to s...View Details

Tactics 6-22-17

Today's Show: Former Obama Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson testifies before the House; Republican lawmakers only increase their appreciatio...View Details

Tactics 6-21-17

Today's Show: Otto Warmbier dies, becoming the latest victim of socialism; human cannonball David "The Bullet" Smith talks to us about his performance...View Details

Tactics 6-20-17

Today's Show: Russia cuts off communications with us after our military shoots down an Syrian fighter jet; a terrorist in London plows into Muslims ou...View Details

Tactics 6-19-17

Today's Show: We launch the new show by discussing how our debates and conversations should be strategic; FBI stats show a decline in gun crime in thr...View Details

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