Archive for July 2017

Tactics 7-14-17

Today's Show: An Alabama court rules that a 12-year-old girl can get an abortion; Jeff Sessions is under fire from the left for speaking to an "Anti-L...View Details

Tactics 7-13-17

Today's Show: We go over the Trump Jr. emails and ask why it matters to you and to the Trump administration, and we look at the GOP and their half-hea...View Details

Tactics 7-12-17

Today's Show: A new study shows the primary measuring stick we use to measure global warming may be more fiction than fact; the MLB All-Star game give...View Details

Tactics 7-11-17

Today's Show: ISIS in full retreat in Syria; Donald Trump Jr. in hot water over a meeting with a Russian Lawyer; and Alabama House Representative Mo B...View Details

Tactics 7-10-17

Today's Show: Alabama Senate Forum in Huntsville straw poll yields unexpected results; Trump's trip to the G20 Summit and the media's reaction; and Ra...View Details

Tactics 7-7-17

Today's Show: The Charlie Grad story and what it says about western society and healthcare; The Nerd Herd returns for a new Top 10,  California sets u...View Details

Tactics 7-6-17

Today's Show: The Vatican offers to help 11-month-old baby Charlie Grad who has been sentenced to death by a British court; North Korea now has a nuke...View Details

Tactics 7-5-17

Today's Show: Local man hangs himself at the Montgomery Riverfront in protest; the Montgomery Biscuits have some trouble with their fireworks show; a ...View Details

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