Archive for September 2017

Tactics 9-22-17

Students on college campuses have some misconceptions about basic freedoms.  Some are claiming tomorrow is the start of the apocalypse.  The ACLU and ...View Details

Tactics 9-21-17

The Republican primary run-off for the Senate heats up with Luther Strange's Super PAC dropping $1 million in the last week to attack Roy Moore.  Hous...View Details

Tactics 9-19-17

A protest over the death of a Georgia Tech student who was the president of the school's Gay Pride Alliance turns into a riot.  A woman on social medi...View Details

Tactics 9-18-17

It's Constitution Day!  We talk about the long process that eventually gave us the greatest governing document crafted by men.  Both republican candid...View Details

Tactics 9-15-17

Is Trump siding with the democrats on immigration?   The America College of Pediatricians releases a new study on the effects of transgender culture o...View Details

Tactics 9-13-17

We discuss Trump's first week as a Democrat President and I explain why I've been gone all week. Chaplin's Report: Romans 8:18

Tactics 9-1-17

Trump talks taxes and the Democrats lose their minds.  Gas prices rise all over the nation because Texas oil takes a hit from Hurricane Harvey.  And s...View Details

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