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Tactics 3-16-18

The bill to allow Alabama teachers to arm themselves on campus passes out of committee.  Attorney Matt Clark of The Foundation for Moral Law joins me ...View Details

Tactics 3-15-18

Students across the country and Alabama walk out of school to protest to promote gun control laws.  A Virginia social worker claims she was fired for ...View Details

Tactics 3-14-17

Russia kills a spy on UK soil and hospitalizes 21 Brits in the process, forcing England's Prime Minister to take a stand.  Hillary attacks middle Amer...View Details

Tactics 3-13-18

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has been fired.  Democrats freaks out that Trump may be backing off new gun control.  Florida passes new gun control ...View Details

Tactics 3-12-18

A Washington Post opinion piece makes the case that Down Syndrome children should be aborted.  A New York Times editor carries around an Obama doll to...View Details

Tactics 3-9-18

President Trump signs new tariffs on aluminum and steel into law.  Attorney General Jeff Sessions calls out the mayor of Oakland, California for warni...View Details

Tactics 3-8-18

A Super PAC that supported now Senator Doug Jones has come under scrutiny for trying to skirt around campaign finance laws.  Bill Maher does an interv...View Details

Tactics 3-7-18

Decisions host Kevin Elkins joins the program to address personal responsibility and the democrats close relationship with Louis Farrakhan.  Why have ...View Details

Tactics 3-6-18

A white supremacy group speaks at an Auburn University Honors College event.  A Louisiana restaurant does a social experiment with redistributing weal...View Details

Tactics 3-5-18

Conservatives either boycott the Oscars or watch it to make fun of it.  Elected officials from Alabama U.S. Senator Doug Jones and Alabama Representat...View Details

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