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Tactics 4-16-18

After American, French, and British forces bomb Syrian chemical weapons facilities.  Russia promises retaliation for the bombing.  Former FBI Director...View Details

Tactics 4-13-18

Protests in schools across the nation advocate an end to abortion.  The world readys itself for a conflict in Syria.  Thomas Jefferson's Birthday is t...View Details

Tactics 4-12-18

The Senate questions Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg on his company's recent controversy.  Holocaust Rememberance Day is observed by millions...View Details

Tactics 4-11-18

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan announces he will not seek re-election.  The FBI raids President Trump's personal attorney.  Alabama State Representati...View Details

Tactics 4-10-18

A chemical attack in Syria on civilians causes chaos on the world stage.  Governor Ivey signs a bill that expands taxation on online retailers. Chapli...View Details

Tactics 4-9-18

What can you learn about our culture from a rock concert?  London's mayor enact new "knife control" laws.  Governor Ivey signs a bill into law that wo...View Details

Tactics 4-6-18

Four Democrat candidates for Governor of Alabama comment on the state bill that would arm teachers.  Rich Hobson, candidate for the U.S. House of Repr...View Details

Tactics 4-5-18

Donald Trump orders the National Guard to the Mexican-American border.  California announces they've issued over one million driver's licenses to ille...View Details

Tactics 4-4-18

Outraged at a massive caravan of illegals trying to enter the country, President Trump takes DACA off the table.  Will Dismukes, running for District ...View Details

Tactics 4-3-18

Two major players in Alabama's republican party are arrested by the FBI on public corruption charges.  President Trump goes after Amazon on Twitter.  ...View Details

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