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Tactics 6-29-18

Attorney General Steve Marshall gives a heart-wrenching press conference discussing the details of his wife's recent suicide.  Sports Radio 740's Joe ...View Details

Tactics 6-28-18

Justice Anthony Kennedy announces his retirement from the Supreme Court.  Donald Trump releases a list of possible candidates to be nominated, and Cal...View Details

Tactics 6-27-18

The Supreme Court rules on two key cases: one on the free speech of pro-life medical institutions in California and another on Donald Trump's travel b...View Details

Tactics 6-26-18

The left tries to justify mobs of radicals swarming and harassing people connected to Donald Trump.  Senator Maxine Waters calls for more of these act...View Details

Tactics 6-25-18

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall's wife passes away suddenly in the middle of a heated run-off.  Glenn Beck does and interview with CNN's Brian...View Details

Tactics 6-22-18

Alabama Governor Candidate for the Democrat Party Walt Maddox answers a questionnaire and says he's pro-life...well...sort of.  The media has been cal...View Details

Tactics 6-21-18

President Trump signs an executive order to "fix" the problem of family separation at the border, and republicans and democrats proceed to switch side...View Details

Tactics 6-20-18

Senator Chuck Shumer vows to block all legislation aimed at ending the separation of families at the border, demanding President Trump handle it.  Sta...View Details

Tactics 6-19-18

It's a miracle!  The left and media suddenly discovered God's word when it comes to immigration.  Ted Cruz proposes legislation to fix the problem.  P...View Details

Tactics 6-18-18

The left loses their collective mind over the situation at the border with kids being separated from their parents.  Nancy Pelosi claims that any "per...View Details