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Tactics 7-30-18

Could Attorney General Jeff Sessions take his old job back and represent Alabama in the Senate with a run in 2020?  Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk...View Details

Tactics 7-27-18

Representative Mo Brooks ignores a debate challenge from his democrat opponent.  The newest Southern League baseball team in Huntsville announces thei...View Details

Tactics 7-26-18

Judge Roy Moore announces that he'll be suing organizations that were running slanderous ads against him during his Senate race in a defamation lawsui...View Details

Tactics 7-25-18

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey refuses Walt Maddox's challenge for a debate.  CNN obtains tapes of a conversation between President Trump and his attorney....View Details

Tactics 7-23-18

The media completely flips out when Trump tweets the president of Iran, but he's doing so IN ALL CAPS!  New details about the FBI investigation of Tru...View Details

Tactics 7-20-18

Alabama Governor candidate Walt Maddox's newest ad tries to connect his opponent Kay Ivey to Roy Moore.  DNC Deputy Head Keith Ellison advocates for o...View Details

Tactics 7-19-18

President Trump tries to retroactively change what he said on Russia for the second time this week.  Biscuits General Manager Scott Trible joins me to...View Details

Tactics 7-18-18

The results of Alabama's runoff election is in and Caleb is surprisingly pleased with most of the results.  President Trump makes a mess at the summit...View Details

Tactics 7-17-18

Alabama has a real issue with mudslinging and this election emphasizes it.  Senator Gerald Dial is running for ag commissioner against Rick Pate, but ...View Details

Tactics 7-16-18

Alabama's run-off elections are tomorrow and Troy King continues to lie about his opponent Steve Marshall by criticizing Alabama's violent crime rate ...View Details

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