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Ep. 12- Giving Thanks

President Ronald Reagan gives us a lesson about Thanksgiving. The SPLC prompts a judge to say asylum can be claimed at any point in your life by any i...View Details

The SPLC is suing ALEA for suspending citizens' drivers licenses. A shooting strikes a Chicago hospital. Trump has an uncanny ability to make people d...View Details

Ep. 10- A Tip of the Hat

Liberals tout an increase in Muslims in congress as a good thing.  One effect is a proposed rule change to allow representatives to wear head covering...View Details

Ep. 9- Mad World

Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi's life is being threatened by radical Muslims, so Senator Rand Paul vows to help her. The UN declares abortion and suici...View Details

Ep. 8- Turning the Tables

Rep. Kevin McCarthy is elected House Minority Leader. Illegal aliens from the caravan scale the border wall in California. Both the Jim Acosta and Mic...View Details

A new ad comes out to support Planned Parenthood. Pakistani citizens try to murder Asia Bibi and the UK does nothing. Legendary comic book writer Stan...View Details

Ep. 6- The Real Threat

An angry mob of SJWs show up at Tucker Carlson's door, Twitter blames white women for Ted Cruz winning, and two states have issues with voter fraud.

Alabama's own Jeff Sessions is ousted as Attorney General, Jim Acosta and Trump fight like children, and voter fraud might be a big issue in Texas.

The election favors the democrats but not near as much as expected. Caleb discusses the results and what they mean.

It's election day and Caleb goes over the ballot on each race and issue.

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