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A new report shows 88% of Senator Doug Jones's money is coming from outside Alabama. A mixed-race couple from Birmingham has one of their realty signs...View Details

Alabama Rep. Bradley Byrne offers to buy a ticket to Venezuela for "the squad." Alabama Sec. of State John Merrill asserts TV no longer focuses on cre...View Details

A group of Alabama high school students have an idea for an experiment that NASA will conduct on the International Space Station.  Rep. Rashida Tlaib ...View Details

Doug Jones doubles down against the citizenship question on the census and praises Obamacare.  Tommy Tubberville attacks former Speaker of the House P...View Details

Sen. Mitch McConnell decides to go after Roy Moore again.  Several Democrats running for president call for slavery reparations.

The Jeffery Epstein case will be used as a political football, possibly on both sides. The Atlantic puts out a new article breaking down a study that ...View Details

Ep. 101- Hurt Feelings

Hooters comes to Prattville and Caleb talks about some moral implications of that.  Twitter is outraged that conservatives were outraged at a black ac...View Details

Caleb's annual Independence Day special.  He reads Thomas Jefferson's original draft of the Declaration of Independence.  Nike pulls a Betsy Ross flag...View Details

The City of Montgomery decides to crack down on panhandling.

The Auburn Police arrest the teenager who struck and killed Auburn Broadcaster Rod Bramblett and his wife in a car accident.  The Mobile City Council ...View Details

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