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Becky Gerritson of Eagle Forum Alabama comes on the show to talk about a bill that bans medical transitioning for minors, military charter schools, an...View Details

Why is it important to see the world through Biblical eyes?

Ep. 195- FFA Week 2020

Caleb interviews three Alabama FFA State Officers to talk about National FFA Week. Montgomery Public School employees get caught squandering $700,000 ...View Details

Ep. 194- Playing Politics

Eagle Forum Alabama's Becky Gerritson calls in to discuss bills in Alabama dealing with medical marijuana, porn, trans athletes, and protecting babies...View Details

Pete Buttigieg is asked by CNN if a Christian can be a supporter of President Trump.

AL State Sen. Andrew Jones joins the program to discuss his bill to repeal the grocery tax and eliminate the office of the Alabama State Auditor. The ...View Details

For Presidents' Day, Caleb takes a look at the origins and functions of the executive branch. Mike Bloomberg belittles farmers but suggesting it's sim...View Details

Becky Gerritson of Eagle Forum Alabama joins the program to discuss Immunization tracking, trans high school athletes, and medical marijuana bills pro...View Details

The 10 Commandments monument returns to Montgomery in Roy Moore's building, which makes Caleb ask if it was appropriate for it to be in the Supreme Co...View Details

Tommy Tuberville starts campaigning against Doug Jones before he has even won the Republican Primary.  Troy King releases a campaign ad with his mom. ...View Details

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