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The University of Alabama Birmingham will be testing a new vaccine of the Chinese Coronavirus. A federal judge issues an order to continue abortions i...View Details

Ep. 213- All At Risk

Alabama opens new Wuhan Flu testing facilities. Alabama-based restaurant Jack's takes up donations to help families impacted by the Chinese Cornonavir...View Details

New information from UAB and the Alabama Hospital Association help us understand how prepared we are for Covid-19. Will Alabama get hit as hard as Ita...View Details

Alabama has a really rough day due to the Wuhan Virus. Will politicians pay a political price for using this crisis for personal gain?

Alabama's rate of new Corona cases seem to have plateaued for now. Personal Trainer Jacob Summers gives some tips on how to stay healthy while quarant...View Details

Alabama could hit record-breaking temperatures of over 90 this week, which might slow down the Kung Flu. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) tests positive for Chin...View Details

Gov. Kay Ivey releases new overbearing regulations for the Kung Flu and delays the run-off election to July 14th. A new study shows that Cornonavirus ...View Details

The Hyundai plant in Montgomery shuts down when a worker gets the Wuhan flu. The University of Alabama cancels all classes and graduation (12:12). Go...View Details

A Birmingham Covid-19 testing facility is overwhelmed and has to shut down. President Trump calls for a National Day of Prayer, but some on the left m...View Details

The Alabama Department of Public Health holds a press conference to discuss Covid-19. Alabama Sec. of State John Merrill has a spat with Kyle Whitmire...View Details

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