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Alabama's latest numbers seem to indicate we've reached the peak. Alabama Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth says they have a plan to open Alabama by May 1st. Co...View Details

UAB reports their number of Wuhan Flu patients has dropped significantly. Economists predict Alabama is one of the states that will be affected least ...View Details

Alabama walks back a policy from 2010 that could've denied the mentally handicapped and dementia patients from receiving ventilator care.

The media erupts after learning that deaths from other causes in patients with the Wuhan Flu are being counted as Covid-19 deaths.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation sends an angry letter to Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey. Faulkner University Mental Health Counselor Roxy Wishum calls in ...View Details

When you compare Alabama to our neighboring states and the rest of the nation, how does it stack up on cases of Wuhan Virus and testing for it?  Alaba...View Details

Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed is mad that people are ignoring his curfew. The fed receives a shipment of masks that are dry-rotted and useless. People ...View Details

Alabama surpasses 1,000 confirmed cases of the Wuhan Coronavirus.

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