Archive for June 2020

The Love Matters March set to take place this Saturday in Montgomery now faces resistance from the city. Black Lives Matter as an organization present...View Details

Montgomery prepares for a massive event despite city leadership saying we should shut everything down a week ago. The Birmingham housing authority dis...View Details

Officer Stephen Williams of Moody, AL is laid to rest after being killed in what appears to be a police ambush. Petitions to change the names of sever...View Details

The Alabama ACLU calls Birmingham Mayor Randal Woodfin closing all protests a violation of constitutional rights. Are the riots we're seeing over the ...View Details

NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio struggles to explain why protests are OK during a pandemic, but church and business aren't.

The Statue of General Robert E. Lee in front of Lee High School is attacked and taken down. The Confederate monument in Linn Park get similar treatmen...View Details

Ep. 249- Infiltration

Former Auburn Coach Pat Dye passes at age 80. The City of Birmingham is burning as Black Lives Matter and Antifa attack the city. Two different groups...View Details

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