It's the Tactics Independence Day Special!  Caleb discusses the influence of Christianity on the Declaration of Independence signed July 4th, 1776.  Dr. Mark Hall, Professor of Political Science at George Fox University and author of "Did America Have A Christian Founding?" joins the show to discuss the influence of Christianity on the Founders.  Caleb does a countdown of the top 20 most American songs of the modern era.  The National Archive's task force on racism (yes, that is a thing) decides the rotunda housing the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution is wrought with "structural racism" and should include "trigger warnings" and interpretative dance.  American Olympian Gwen Berry protests the national anthem at the U.S. qualifications, claiming she was "set-up," and Biden's press secretary defends her. 


Chaplain's Report: God's Country (Psalm 9:15-20)



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