John Colquitt, Matt Clark, Laura Clark, and James Clark come together to celebrate Festivas with the Airing of Grievances, talking about all the ways ...View Details

For Thanksgiving 2021, Caleb reads the 1956 Thanksgiving Day proclamation originally issued by President Dwight D. Eisenhower.  Tragedy hits the south...View Details

1819 News puts out an article about how Veterans Day Started in Birmingham Alabama. Montgomery will be getting a new Amazon Facility and Fulfillment C...View Details

Ep. 321- Kids Need Dads

A high school in Louisiana with 23 students arrested in just 3 days has had no arrests in over a month since a group of volunteer fathers called "Dads...View Details

Willie B. Smith, a mentally disabled Alabama resident is executed by the state for a murder committed in 1991 amid much controversy. Bryan Dawson, CEO...View Details

Historic First Baptist Church in Montgomery catches fire and they believe it was arson.  Huntsville becomes Alabama's most populated city even faster ...View Details

Caleb interviews Dr. Ryan McWhorter about Covid-19 and Alabama's response. Topics range from the use of Ivermectin and how the media has been covering...View Details

Ep. 317- Be Not Afraid

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey says "It's time we start blaming the un-vaccinated." drives the Covid-19 panic porn hard with Kyle Whitmire saying Al...View Details

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey shows a very strong showing in her re-election bid based on a new poll.  The ACLU sends a letter supporting the teaching of ...View Details

It's the Tactics Independence Day Special!  Caleb discusses the influence of Christianity on the Declaration of Independence signed July 4th, 1776.  D...View Details

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