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Tactics 4-30-18

Baby Alfie Evans dies at the hands of the British government.  In light of the situation in Korea, should President Trump get the Nobel Peace Prize?  ...View Details

Tactics 4-27-18

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un crosses the DMZ promising peace.  Baby Alfie Evans is still getting denied treatment four days after removing his ve...View Details

Tactics 4-26-18

Sports Radio 740's Joe Hunk joins the program to talk about Jay Feely's "triggering" tweet.  Parkland survivor and 2nd Amendment advocate Kyle Kashuv ...View Details

Tactics 4-25-18

The NHS removes baby Alfie's ventilator and Italy threatens to accuse them of murder of an Italian citizen for doing so.  The Wetumpka TEA Party hosts...View Details

Tactics 4-24-18

The Waffle House shooter is taken in by police officers.  James Shaw Jr., the hero who stopped the shooting, speaks out about what happened.  Two of t...View Details

Tactics 4-23-18

A shooting takes place at a Waffle House in Antioch, Tennessessee.  A new California bill would ban all business transactions that could result in a g...View Details

Tactics 4-20-18

Vox Media releases a video singing the praises of David Hogg.  Bill Maher takes issue with media boycotts.  After Planned Parenthood tweets that they'...View Details

Tactics 4-19-18

Do your kids belong to you or the government?  The story of Baby Alfie would suggest children belong to the government.  DNC Vice Chair Keith Ellison ...View Details

Tactics 4-18-18

Former First Lady Barbra Bush dies peacefully at 92.  Starbucks is being protested over alleged racism at one of their stores.  Scott Trible, General ...View Details

Tactics 4-17-18

Taxes are due today.  Israel and Iran are perhaps the most impacted by what happens in the aftermath of the Syrian bombing.  Alex Jones turns on Trump...View Details